Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paranormal Investigation

Be a part of a paranormal investigation at Wicklow's Historic Gaol

"Paranormal" literal meaning "beyond the normal"

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is a natural fascination that attracts us to the stories of weird inexplicable happenings at locations rumoured to be haunted. Wicklow's Historic Gaol is one such location where many stories have originated from staff and visitors alike. Such stories range from sightings, ghostly mists to people experiencing somebody or something touching them.

Our fascination with such stories have led to the popularity of television programmes such as Most Haunted and Ghosthunters International which conduct televised "paranormal investigations" normally at night when such paranormal activity is at it's peak. You may have seen the Ghosthunters International programme based at Wickow's Historic Gaol confirming the fact that the gaol is on of the most haunted locations in Ireland.

Now decide for yourself............Wicklow's Historic Gaol challenges you to find out for yourself whether the stories are true. Are you brave enough?

I am Angie Freeland, an experienced psychic medium and, together with my psychic husband Keith, we are delighted and excited to invite you to take part in a real live paranormal investigation at Wicklow's Historic Gaol. You may have visited the Gaol on a day or evening tour. During the tour you may have experienced a feeling that you might identify with being scared, apprehensive, sad or even excited. With the right preparation and guidance within the unique experience of a paranormal investigation you will be able to follow and go beyond your feelings to begin to understand the often sad stories held within the gaol of those who have existed and worked within those walls through the centuries. You do not need to have previously visited the gaol and no experience is needed to take part in a paranormal investigation, just your own curiousity and an open mind! We will be conducting live investigations monthly, on a Friday or Saturday evening starting at 9pm and going on into the small hours of the morning finishing around 3am. Refreshments are provided through the night. You need to bring some warm clothing and ideally a torch as you will be working in the dark.
If you have a digital camera, bring that with you as well, just in case you manage to capture a ghostly manifestation!

During the investigation you will:
- learn the importance of your senses (all six of them) and how to open them up, to heighten your sensitivity to what is going on around you.
- be able to experience energy within people and environments, in particular the residual energy that lies within the walls of the gaol and the different stories it has to tell through the centuries.

You will work as part of a small team during the investigation and be involved in a number of exercises and techniques during the night such as:
- table tipping......yes the table may actually move of its own accord!
- planchette.....a modern day version of the moving, upturned glass on a table.
- automatic writing uses the planchette to produce written messages.
- psychic pendulum.......uses a pendulum to receive messages.
- sceance

All these techniques are designed to be able to receive information, if available and if you are prepared to be open, from those unfortunate inmates and their guards who have walked the corridors of the gaol.

Of course no investigation would be complete without concrete evidence. For this reason your investigation team will be taught to use and take readings using up to date technical equipment such as:
- gauss meter.....used for measuring electromagnetic fields.
- IR record temperature variations.
- Digital record unexplained sounds (often not detected during an exercise)
- IR movement detector....detects movement in targeted areas.

The information your team collects will be compiled month by month, into a catalogue of evidence documenting occurrences at Wicklow's Historic Gaol that will be published on our website for you to keep track of.

I have been privileged to have worked at the gaol and experienced the sad tales held within the walls. I have the utmost respect for those who have unfortunately been a part of the gaol's history. I am really excited to be a part of, and invite you to join my husband and I, in building a greater understanding and connection with such an important part of Irish history.
Angie Freeland